We encourage your child to think and act on his or her own, giving him or her the necessary space and loving environment to do so. Through the strength your child gains with us, he or she will develop in such a way that he or she will be able to express and appreciate his or her special abilities and desires.

The holistic support is only possible in small groups. Security and the possibility of being listened to in the individual developmental phases is extremely important.

This is what makes our daycare center special. The successes have proven us right. The larger the daycare, the fewer the chances are for your child.

What awaits the child?


Every child should feel comfortable with us. Our goal is that the children are happy with us and, in addition to playing and being creative, can also experience peace, security, stability as well as boundaries. For us, the healthy development and promotion of personality and a daily routine with lots of movement in nature is what lies in the foreground.


We adhere to the recommendations of the Prevention and Health Promotion Department of the Canton of Zurich Guidelines for healthy and sustainable catering in daycare centers.
We value a healthy, balanced nutrition for the children by offering fresh food that is cooked in the daycare center on a daily basis. We do not serve reheated catering food. We buy and prepare the ingredients fresh every day.
There is a breakfast for the children who come early, a snack at 10 a.m. always with seasonal fruits, a balanced and warm lunch and at 3.30 p.m. again a snack with fruits among other things.